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What is Telepathy and How to learn it?

What is Telepathy

Telepathy has been within human culture and around the world for centuries, with some sources and helping the people in one or the other way for around 5000 years. When it comes to India, it is one of the countries with that strong culture in the world and it does not lag with the culture of telepathy as well. The science of induction is practiced extensively by some South Asia Yogic community. It has been a point of fascination for centuries. When looking for the meaning of telepathy in some other languages, it can be stated as “what the mind thinks, the heart transmits” or “heart to heart communication”.

Brain To Brain Communication

When several little digital devices populate the brain, and like alongside the neurons, the theory goes this will help to read the signals that represent some thoughts, imaginations, and ideas. It is also possible to send these to someone else and it will help in experiencing thoughts, imaginations, and ideas.

Now, some technology has already been developed aiming to communicate with people just using the thoughts, and several rudimentary examples of such technology already exist. People are also working on making it smaller, safer, and more robust to bring it to reality.

What is Telepathy?

Creating a Telepathic Environment

Step 1: Cultivating a relaxed and receptive state of mind

The person has to be in case of the state of consciousness akin to how they are naturally. The person might be receptive when they are relaxed, but telepathy might not work when you cannot mentally tired and try to force it. It is more important for the mind to believe the potential and possibility of the mind outside influences.

Step 2: Connect With Someone with the Same Zone

The person should be relaxed and a recipient which is the key to the telepathy process. As two people are involved in it, person B’s mental issues will be shielding against person A’s telepathic message. Thus, both individuals should be relaxed and clear. Sometimes it might be difficult to know when someone is the most receptive state, it is possible to perform and have successful results with faith. The entire process is easier to attempt with sensitive, open-minded, individuals for the first attempt.

Step 3: Start the Technique with A Person Whom One Can Connect Emotionally

It is always easy to trigger the technique if you have someone who can easily and emotionally connect with. Generally, telepathy is something that deals with the mental state. So, the connections become stronger if you know the person emotionally. It starts with visualizing touchstones like name, face, property that is close to the person. These also make the telepathic process easy with communication.

The bottom line

These types of techniques can be useful in several ways like knowing more about the person, curing some issues that are not spoken out, etc. On the flip side, it is also used for hacking, stealing information from someone, etc. It is all about how to use it and make a profit about it.

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